Winning With the Champions!


Winning With the Champions!

Qualified participants shall receive different Promotion Rebates for orders placed during the Promotional Period depending on the winning country of 2018 World Cup Finals.

Qualifying Conditions: 

(A) This promotion is open to Buy-For-Me Orders Only.

(B) Accumulate spending above $100 on PRODUCTS between Promotional Period.

(C) Qualifying Period: 06/07/18 22:00hrs to 11/07/18 02:00hrs.

Rates of Promotion Rebates (Winner of 2018 World Cup Finals):

(A) Russia:Enjoy Full Rebates for AGENT FEE + FREE SHIPPING!

(B) Brazil: Enjoy Full Rebates for AGENT FEE!

(C) England: Enjoy Rebates of 50% Freight Charges.

(D) Others: Enjoy Rebates of 20% Freight Charges.

Note: Rebates are for orders during Promotional Period only.

The Promotion Rebates shall be refunded to the Pre-pay Account.

The Promotion Rebates shall be processed between 20/07/18 to 25/07/18.

PZCart reserves all rights to modify the terms and conditions of this promotion.