PZCart!Live Lucky Draw

Date: Every Tuesday (except Public Holiday or Eve of Public Holiday)
Time: 8.15pm to 10.15pm
Venue: Live Feed @ PZCart Singapore Facebook Page



How Many Chances Do You Get?

Qualification Criteria

No. of Chances

Member of PZCart Singapore

1 Chance (redeemable once)

Joined PZCart SG Whatsapp Service

1 Chance (redeemable once)

Shipped Parcel in past 7 Days

1 Chance Per Every Parcel Sent

Invite New Member in past 7 Days

1 Chance Per Successful Invitation

Won Mini Games

No. of Chances Decided by Host

* Please see Calculating the Number of Chances for more details

Rules & Regulations.
1) All lucky draw chances are strictly not transferable.
2) All prizes won are not transferable.
3) Delivery of prizes shall be charged at $4 for unlimited qty.
4) All unclaimed prizes (shipping not paid) shall be forfeited after 3 working days.
5) Members with new Facebook account DO NOT QUALIFY (less than 1 month & less than 10 posts)
6) PZCart!Live reserves the rights to change the rules and regulations as they deem fit.

How to Claim Your Chances? 
1) PM our admin your Registered Email and PZCart LoginID using Facebook Messenger.
2) Admin will message the number of qualified chances.
3) Book number(s) that is/are not yet chosen on board.
4) After confirmation of membership and number booking, return to live show to wait for turn.

When it is your turn
1) Please be patient as it may take 5 to 15 minutes for your turn.
2) Acknowledge quickly on the LIVE CHAT feature when the host calls out your name.
3) After 2 times, the host will continue to reveal your prize without your acknowledgement.
4) After know your prize, PM our admin to confirm address and pay for delivery.

Calculating the Number of Chances
Current or New Member
1) You have 1 x chance for the Lucky Draw.
2) Members that claimed previously DOES NOT QUALIFY anymore.
3) Members with new facebook account DO NOT QUALIFY (< 30 Days & <10 Posts)

Shipped Parcel(s) in Past 7 Days from 9th April 2019
1) Check qualification at http://pzcart.sg/finance/payment for parcel paid for in past 7 days.
2) You shall receive 3 chances for each parcel qualified parcel.

Successfully Invitation Of New Member in Past 7 days from 9th April 2019
1) Check for successful invitation at http://pzcart.sg/user/invitation for the last 7 days.
2) You shall receive 3 chances for every successful invitation for the last 7 days.

Mini-games on PZCart!Live
1) Only for registered member of PZCart.sg
2) If you won a mini game, the number of chances shall be awarded by the host.

Join PZCart Singapore Whatsapp Service
1) Send Add me  YourPZCart LogInID to 65-87765734
2) You have 1 x chance to book a Mystery Number when you received confirmation.
3) Members that claimed previously DOES NOT QUALIFY anymore.

Receiving the Prizes
1) The cost of delivery for the prizes is $4 for unlimited quantity
2) All unclaimed prizes (shipping not paid) shall be forfeited after 3 working days.
2) Prizes with shipping paid shall be sent on the following Mon/Tues after PZCart!Live. 
3) All prizes should be received by the end of next week after PZCart!Live.